For Individuals: Executive Coaching

Beryl’s goal in executive coaching is to advance leaders from good to great, by helping them apply their strengths to make effective choices and influence others with appropriate sensitivity and grace. To date, she has provided executive coaching for nearly 150 clients in both professional services and manufacturing organizations, internationally and domestically.

Program Features

Organizations often turn to Beryl when they decide to invest in high-potential individuals who would be open to increased effectiveness through executive coaching. Although her executive coaching program is customized to the needs of each individual, it generally:

  • Focuses on specific gaps in the individual’s learning process
  • Provides a safe, trusting dialogue that builds toward more appropriate and effective choices
  • Incorporates objective, external encouragement to help the individual consider the impact and accept the process of change
  • Provides objective and subjective feedback to balance the individual’s perceptions.

Confidentiality is assured.

Sample Approaches

Beryl has worked with clients on a range of issues, from communication and relationship-building to leadership and balance. For example, she has helped individuals to:

  • Balance significant results in “what” has been accomplished to date with a sensitive, timely, focused application of soft skills, or the “how” of interactions
  • Establish oneself as a senior leader, both in presence and style of communication
  • Increase the level of trust in key relationships in order to build necessary strategic alliances
  • Learn how to communicate with others more effectively, honestly, and even courageously
  • Distinguish between the roles of manager and leader
  • Confront unacceptable behavior or difficult issues while maintaining relationships
  • Learn how to respond to situations in the appropriate way at the appropriate time.


Beryl’s process usually begins with information-gathering: meeting with executive, senior management, and human resource professionals to clarify objectives, identify how the individual’s current behavior differs from desired behavior, and collect information about his or her work history. After a series of coaching sessions designed to address the set objectives, she collects feedback from the individual and his or her colleagues and supervisors to assess progress, formulate new goals, and adjust the program as necessary.

The ways that Beryl challenged and supported me have encouraged me to be open to new and different ways to make choices. From learning how to provide more specific, focused feedback, to using more questions when I conduct staff meetings, I’m grateful to Beryl for guiding my progress as a more thoughtful and resourceful leader.

—Marketing Executive, AstraZeneca

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