For Individuals: Self-sponsored Programs

The David Program — Clarifying and Implementing One’s Authentic, Focused Mission

The David Program helps individuals from all walks of life—corporations, non-profits, the arts, retirement, and so forth—define their mission and then focus on fulfilling it. Through a series of exercises she created, Beryl helps individuals to better understand themselves by identifying past accomplishments (the CROW Exercise), most admired heroes (Heroes Exercise) and favorite things ranging from books and movies to teachers and hobbies (Favorites Exercise). In this way, she helps them clarify what they value and what they truly want for themselves. They apply tools to make choices that are authentic and reflect who they really are, and then honor those choices in appropriate ways.

Beryl named this program for Michelangelo’s sculpture David, after hearing that the sculptor once said he was able to see the form in the stone before he even began carving.

With the support of my manager and Beryl’s insight, coaching, and mentoring, I was able to make the transition from a manager who intimidated subordinates to a leader who is sensitive to people, encourages team and individual contributions on a regular basis, and has the leadership skills which are consistent with our cultural change and direction. Growth in my personal as well as my professional life has resulted.

—Vice President, CIGNA

Coaching the Coach — A Mentoring Program for Fellow Executive Coaches

Beryl also mentors other consultants who want to add executive coaching to their list of services, or who are already providing it and simply wish to do it better. She focuses on helping them figure out how they can harness their current experience and skills in order to coach other professionals. She also facilitates their process of developing coaching programs, goals, and expectations.

Given my experiences as an organizational consultant for the past 25 years, this new role seemed like a natural fit for me and an exciting challenge.
I could not have thought through all the implications of the work and the nuances of marketing it without Beryl’s assistance. She encouraged me and helped me clarify my ideas so that I would not lose momentum. I fully appreciate her steadfast pursuit of this goal, walking side by side with me, keeping me on track.

— Dr. Janet Baker, Executive Coach

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