For Groups: Retreats, Presentations, and Workshops

Like her individual coaching programs, Beryl’s group programs are designed to address attendees’ specific needs through a process of guided self-discovery. They also are highly interactive, asking participants to do rather than just listen.

Customized Retreats

Beryl creates and facilitates customized retreats for boards, senior leadership, company staff, peer support groups, and other groups of individuals who must work together to achieve a common goal. Her planning process starts by gathering background about the organization and conducting phone interviews with each of the attendees. Based on this information, she develops a program that targets their needs—whether that means improving group dynamics, clarifying roles, better articulating and acting on a collective mission, understanding the difference between a leader and a manager, or a wide range of other challenges.

Over the years, Beryl has led approximately 40 teambuilding programs and leadership retreats for senior management teams and boards, ranging from family businesses to corporations to the Opera Company of Philadelphia.

Beryl is a master of the requisite facilitation and coaching skills (listening, paraphrasing, role-playing, etc.). However, that would not appropriately describe the enormous value she has added to our CEO working group, or my personal development and leadership capabilities. Specifically, Beryl demonstrates a knack for extracting tidbits of information, synthesizing the data with her broad experience, integrating the aforementioned with her uncanny understanding of human nature, and then providing support to our group or myself in order to find answers or define processes to find a solution.

—CEO, DA-TECH Corporation

Your wise and caring preparation for, and leading of, our retreat have moved us from a stagnant position to one of positive progress in resolution of issues for our future. You left us with agreement on the path forward and responsibilities. It is being carried out. You applied sharp intellect, discernment, and heart to the process throughout.

—Executive Board Member of Nonprofit Group

Presentations and Workshops

Beryl also can give a presentation or lead a workshop at a corporate meeting or group event. She has delivered more than 60 workshops, presentations, and programs on such topics as emotional intelligence and other personal growth issues to management, professional, religious, alumni, and CEO peer groups.

Sample titles:

  • Free the Leader Within: An Opportunity for Everyone
  • Developing Your Own Leadership Aria
  • Teambuilding that Fosters Trust
  • The Distinction Between Personal and Professional Power and Why It Is Important
  • Achieving Authentic and Satisfying Balance in Life and Work
  • Emotional Intelligence and Its Role in Leadership
  • Self-Esteem: The Fuel for the Journey
  • Personal Growth: Its Problems and Opportunities
  • Creative Retirement
  • Advancing Beyond Manager into Leader
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