Programs for Individuals and Groups

Beryl offers one-to-one coaching for individuals as well as group sessions that are typically held in the context of company meetings or organizational retreats. All of her programs are based on what she calls “The Bridging Framework”—an intense and interactive process she has developed to guide participants’ understanding of how they make choices, what energizes them, what distracts them, and how they can better achieve their potential as individuals and as leaders. Within the context of this framework, Beryl tailors every session to the needs of the particular individual or group.

Professionals who work with Beryl achieve a real sense of clarity about their strengths, their passions, and their areas for development. They learn how they learn and recognize ways to reduce the limitations that are hindering their effectiveness. In the process, they also learn how to make choices that express their individual authenticity. They set professional and personal goals and have clear deadlines for accomplishing them. Their lives become more productive, fulfilling, and joyful as a result.

Quite simply, Beryl helps her clients move to another level of effectiveness. She applies her uniquely intuitive understanding of relationships and an intellectual integrity in problem-solving to facilitate energizing insights.

—Senior Vice President, Prudential

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