Authentic Leadership: An Inside JobAuthentic Leadership: An Inside Job!

It's holiday gift time and books are always a great idea. One that is individually autographed and has been written by a colleague/friend could be the best idea!

Beryl recently completed her professional memoir called Authentic Leadership: An Inside Job! It's a workbook of annotated leadership findings from a career of coaching leaders.

Beryl has loved learning about leadership via the process of helping clients and others explore their choices over the years. This workbook organizes those experiences in a way that is intended to be both helpful and insightful.

You may order copies by contacting Beryl. Pricing for the coil-bound print version is as follows:

1-5 copies $15.00 each
6-10 copes $13.50 each
Over 10 copes $10.00 each 

Shipping costs are additional. Orders can be filled by December 16th.

Other Writings

9/11: My Story

On September 11, 2001, Beryl was en route from Brussels to Philadelphia when her plane was diverted to Canada. This article describes her experience during the rest of that week with a host family in Canada. She recounts how she and many Americans found themselves welcomed and supported by Canadian citizens, despite feeling disconnected from their professional and personal lives back in the U.S.

A Baltic Travel Journal

Beryl kept an extensive journal during a 2005 cruise in Scandinavia and Russia. She recounts her reactions to the people, the places, and the extraordinary history.

The Singer as CEO

Article published by Opera America in 2006 in “Building and Managing Your Network” publication is intended to help singers understand that the gift of their voice can serve as a career and business—of which they are the CEO.

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