Thanksgiving, 1996

The blessings to consider this Thanksgiving are many as well as different from other years. The ritual of reflection itself seems to be a blessing that I sincerely hope results in the recognition that the year has indeed been a good one for you and yours.

The primary area of gratitude for me has been in the significant learning’s I have gained from my work (as outlined on enclosed brochure) and other activities. For example, I learn how to honor my own challenges from Executive Coaching clients who struggle with discerning their invitations to growth in the process of developing their leadership skills. They have expressed their gratitude through such statements as these unsolicited letter quotes:

  • Your wisdom, caring and insight have been very helpful to me.
  • You have helped open a ‘window’ which has been nailed shut because of my own singlemindedness and foolish naivete.
  • The process is not without some level of “pain” and discomfort on reflection and consideration of the issues, but as one who prides self on review of the consequences of actions, it's almost outrageous that I could be so simpleminded in the area of personal relationships.

The CEOs in my first TEC group are teaching me the elusive art of balance. They are consistently and deliberately focused on the bottom line as entrepreneurs but struggle with the meaning of all the effort for themselves and their employees. As the enclosed article describes, I am in the process of forming another TEC group to continue the powerful process of CEOs helping CEOs.

Ever the learning’s we experience become expressed in choices that bridge us from one year to another. Those choices can advance or limit our journeys, they reflect the essence of who we are and what we value. In the gentle invitation of the universe, we get to decide.

I hope this special time of reflection enriches the choices or bridges of your life into a prosperous and enriching 1997.

Happy Holidays,

Beryl B. Byles
Executive Coach

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