Thanksgiving, 1994

It is again with an attitude of gratitude that I extend warmest wishes to you and yours in this annual Thanksgiving greeting. I sincerely hope that the past year has been a good one.

My concentration in leadership development with individuals and groups this year has accented the reality that we are ever in process. Changes in our lives, even those we initiate, can cause discomfort from the uncertainty as we progress toward improvement and growth.

The enclosed “Reflection On The Seasons” offers a way to determine what "season" is currently at work at this time for you. This reflection represents one form of writing that I like to do for Life In Transition Workshop reunions and I am delighted to share it with you. Perhaps it can provide some insight and clarity in a current change.

Looking ahead to 1995, helping people deal with change will balance with personal experiences of music in several ways. For example, a Sunday Salon Series in my home is planned where Curtis Institute students perform programs that they are preparing for either a recital or a competition. Over supper afterward, the friends and clients in attendance then enjoy a dialogue about “bridging” the arts and business. I quite look forward to these forms of enrichment.

May you also “feed your soul” in the new year in ways that nourish your own internal journey.

Happy Holidays,

Beryl B. Byles
Executive Coach

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