Thanksgiving 2005

Dear Friend,

The word that distinguishes 2005 for me is “possibilities.”

The most promising possibility of all has been the birth of my first grandchild, Sarah, last February. I call her my little Sarah Sunshine and I think of her as a completely clean slate of pure potential. As those of you who are grandparents already know, she is the true definition of possibility!

This year has also been notable because of the possibilities inherent in:

Even as I look ahead, I also remember many productive experiences of the past year such as facilitating executive coaching programs and staff retreats with clients, enjoying a fall cruise, hosting a tasting of New Mexico wines, conducting workshops at the Opera America conference, and teaching a leadership class at Penn.

I sincerely hope that 2005 has represented possibilities of many types for you. I wish you all the richness and power of possibilities that you and yours can hold in 2006.

Happy Holidays,

Beryl B. Byles
Executive Coach

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